The search for perfume follows no other path than that of obsession.


«My passion for perfumes? It comes from an innate curiosity to know how they are built, step by step. And from the desire to understand how a mixture is created that translates into an explosion of emotions that leave a trail."

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Rajani, in Sanskrit, means "night". A deep and mysterious night that draws inspiration from an ancient legend. It is said that the black panther, when it hunts its prey on full moon nights, exudes a sweet and narcotic scent that attracts them into its jaws without making any effort.

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Breath The Color

Just as people change, Rajani is an ever-evolving magma. If before the bottles were surrounded by the refined black of the night - a non-colour, as the artist Pierre Soulages defines it - today Rajani opens up to colour. Because in these last two years, the lack of contact and sociality due to impactful events such as the pandemic and the outbreak of a bloody war, have pushed Raffaella Tarana to come out of the darkness and to open up to the brightness of living colours, as the desire for freedom. The elegance of black remains, while the colors illuminate the olfactory trail like headlights in the dark.

It's time to breathe the color.
Breathe the color.