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an ancient legend

Rajani, in Sanskrit, means “night”.
A deep and mysterious night that draws inspiration from an ancient legend. It is said that the black panther, when hunting its preys on full moon nights, gives off a sweet and narcotic scent that draws them into its jaws without making any effort.

They are made-in-Italy perfumes with complex olfactory pyramids that recreate an imagery of lived experience. Raffaella Tarana loves notes that stand out and instill fragrances with personality.

The dominant ingredients need to recognise and remain on the skin for a long time. At Rajani there is an absolute priority – always following eco-sustainability logics – in choosing the quality of raw materials. “The search for perfume follows no other path than that of obsession” says Raffaella.

Everything must be perfect, studied, tested. The need to research experiment and go deep is pulsating and alive, as are the fragrances in this collection.

Rajani perfumes emanate the same hypnotic powerthey lure those who enter their wake like panther prey, like those who are under a spell.