Logo Rajani in trasparenza


Raffaella Tarana’s passion takes shape in her pharmacy’s laboratory, giving life to some precious bottles.

The brand she created, Rajani, was born in 2019 and is the result of almost manic studies and experiments.
A pharmacist by profession, Raffaella Tarana commuted for years between Italy and France to study at the Cinquième Sens Perfume Academy, which was followed by an experience at Laboratoire Dior.
Paris has a crucial influence on his Italian but atypical nose.

“I used to dine alone and sit in multi ethnic bistros: next to me there were Indians, Arabs…. I still remember the intense smell of their fragrances. Those fragrances, so different from European ones, gave me a creative imprint that stemmed from a magnetic attraction to the base notes: woods, oud, leather, ambergris, spices. Everything takes shape from there”.

Raffaella is one of those rare independent Italian women’s noses, creating everything herself: from the formulations to the choice of ingredients to the packaging. If she can’t find an ingredient that satisfies her, she makes it up.

They are perfumes that have no gender and, above all, are never the same: each skin brings out a different note, a different nuance, as human beings are: never the same, always evolving.

“I am not always the same person, with the same scent. When my mood changes, I want my scent to change. In my opinion perfume has to make us feel free to change”.

Her fragrances are born from intense travel experiencesfrom India to Kyoto via Morocco: moments of lived life made immortal in fragrances.